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Here are some of our Customer's Comments, news articles and blog posts about the Gulland Broadfork:

Here's a news article about The Gulland Broadfork titled "Building a Better Broadfork" from Ithsmus-The Daily Page in Madison, Wisconsin
One Scythe Revolution has a few words to say about our Broadfork! We have great respect for 1SR for promoting sustainable small-scale farming!
A happy customer in Cornish, NH writes in their blog, Song Garden Flower Farm, about celebrating Earth Day with their new Gulland Broadfork. There are some photos of them using the fork in their garden!

Got it, put it together and used it. You do good work. I have heavy clay here that I'm working on and have been for 3 years. I can see how the broadfork will take me to another level. Thanks for a quality tool that I'm not afraid to use. ~Arvel in Missouri

I think the two best things I’ve done in making my garden work, are going to raised beds to eliminate traffic and compaction, and using your broadfork which is allowing the roots to go as far as they want.  I never started the rototiller this year, and never will need it again in this garden.  Reworking the beds between crops is so easy, I don’t need to even step on the crossbar much, most of the time, if I set the fork down with a little force, it sinks to the bar. Thanks for a great tool! ~Tom, in California

Man, I like the broadfork.  Worked up some hard-packed dirt with it.  I figure that this method uses the absolute minimum amount of mechanical energy to create appropriate soil conditions.  After all, tilling is a matter of increasing the surface energy of the soil; the broadfork eliminates any need for lifting soil; and when one uses one's own muscles to do a job, one's body quite naturally figures out how to do it most efficiently.  Just want you to know how much I love the broadfork.  It is very efficient and does a superb job.  Everything about it feels right – the tine geometry, the handles, the heft, the rhythm of use. I doubt I have killed one angleworm in the whole time I’ve used it.  It’s like…nonviolent tillage!  A good tool is poetry.  Thank you very much.
Your grateful customer, ~Hans, in Wisconsin

I bought a broadfork from you a couple of years ago, but since then I have moved to upstate NY in the lower Hudson Valley. My girlfriend and I bought a place with almost seven acres, and we have a garden with a perimeter of over 300 feet. For us, that's big.
We have beautiful sandy loam soil, and working it would be a breeze except for tree roots and #$%@* Asian bittersweet roots. Our Gulland Forge broadfork has done yeoman service and the garden is coming along well.
I just ordered another broadfork from you so we can both work with them. Always a good idea to have a spare when a tool is critical. ~Jay, in New York

I'll fill out the proper form at your website and we'll get this broadfork on its way to its new home in Alaska.  I am looking forward to using it.  I have been gardening in the far north for many years, maybe 40 or so, and always learning something. I just finished the Master Gardener course where I filled in a bunch of holes in my knowledge especially about soil.
Am reading Teaming With Microbes at the moment.  So you can see why I want a broadfork. There are none to be had in Fairbanks. ~Linda in Fairbanks, Alaska

I received #315 today. I've already used it on my little garden and I am looking forward to knocking out the other one tomorrow. It's very easy to use, even for a 5'7", 150# operator.
Thanks for your excellent workmanship. I'm looking forward to using this for years to come.
~Ray in Ohio

I just received the broadfork that was ordered for me by Nick. I want to thank you very much. I love it! I went to work with it immediately, as I'd been waiting for its arrival to turn my beds. It is beautiful, sturdy, and the workmanship is flawless. I will treasure it for the rest of my days! ~Lisa, In New Mexico.